Frequently Asked Questions

Proview is loaded within a user's browser whenever a proctored web page/app is accessed. Once the pre-assessment hardware/software tests are done with, the control is handed over to the assessment engine while Proview continues to monitor the candidate in the background relaying all relevant data to the assessment engine.
    => Candidates:
  • Intuitive, user-friendly program which does not need any type of installation on your college/corporate system
  • Solves need for traveling to any test center
  • Attend the test anywhere anytime
  • Do not have to schedule a time slot

  • => Institutions/Test administrators:
  • Mitigate the need for physical test centers
  • Helps institutions meet requirements of Higher Education Reauthorization Act
  • Dedicated personnel for manually proctoring candidates is completely eliminated
  • Allow more candidates to take up the tests from remote locations
  • Do not have to enforce any applet/plugin etc
  • View only the logs of candidates with a less than adequate integrity score
Proview does not rely on humans to monitor the candidates and thereby providing a truly non-intrusive anytime anywhere test experience.
Yes. Proview can turn any modern web browser into a fully secure browser.
A Proctor is a person that keeps an eye on students who are taking a test to make sure they don't cheat.
A proctored exam is one that is supervised by an impartial individual (a proctor) who monitors a student during an exam. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process.
The Higher Education Reauthorization Act requires "an institution that offers distance education to have processes through which the institution establishes that the student who registers in a distance education course or program is the same student who participates in and completes the program and receives the academic credit." This language is designed to limit academic dishonesty by assuring that learners enrolling in a course are those completing assignments and tests.
Proview's state of the art face recognition algorithm monitors and ensures that the student's face is recognized for the entire duration while he is attending a test/joining a remote classroom/completing an activity etc.,"
Proview can be integrated into any LMS by including a snippet of code after referring to Proview API documentation provided. Please speak to our solution specialist to get an updated list of LMSs Proview is pre-integrated.
Yes. By verifying the identity of students continuously as they take exams using face recognition algorithm, Proview can help document the school’s compliance with financial aid regulations. Our automated proctoring system also establishes the value of a degree by proving the student completed each course on their own merit.
  • Web Camera: 640 x 480 resolution
  • Microphone
  • PC Users: Windows Vista
  • Mac Users: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • Browser specification: Crome and Firefox
  • Internet Download Speed: 768 kbps
  • Internet Upload Speed: 384 kbps
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Ports: 1935, UDP/TCP (required in Internet Explore only)
*Make sure the camera is fixed on the screen so that it gives a clear video of the candidate and the room should have proper lighting.
  • Minimum bandwidth of 256kbps.
  • Recommended bandwidth of 512kbps.
We require that you have your audio on and available during your exam, which can be accomplished through a standard headset, through utilization of your existing microphone and speakers or a built-in microphone in your webcam.
Proview is completely browser based and does not require any plugin/applet/desktop application to be installed
The user is only required to consent to Proview accessing the system and record his/her activities. User is not asked to download/install an applet/desktop application like most of the other systems.
We require that the candidate provides a photo ID within the test process. This gives us visual confirmation of who the student is against their registration information (name, picture, address). Continous face recognition ensures that the candidate is not switched between the test.
Unlike all of the other online proctoring systems, Proview does not need any type of scheduling. You could attend your assessment in a truly anytime anywhere environment while Proview takes care of the rest.
Proview takes only less than 90 seconds for you to go through the hardware test. Which is a 90% reduction in set-up time compared to any other system.
By default, the video will be watched at a later point of time by the test administrator depending on your integrity score. However, Proview also provides an on-demand service for the test administrator to monitor candidates real time.
Since Proview does not need any manual interventions whatsoever, you could resume your test anytime anywhere.
During the test, Proview captures the audio/video/browser activities of the user & the test environment. The video clips are sent to Proview servers and analysed realtime to provide any feedback to the candidates on improving their integrity scores (removing a mobile device from near the candidate/asking another person to not prompt or interact with candidate etc.,) After the test is complete, Proview generates an integrity score for the test administrators to review. The admin needs to review only the candidates with less than adequate integrity scores.

For each attendee, Proview organizes and presents:
  1. A picture of the attendee authenticating
  2. Exam time background noise and screen activities.
  3. Screenshots/Face Grabs of the candidate are generated at random intervals on the timeline for review.
  4. Proprietary 5 way sync playback tool enable fast, efficient and accurate review process – up to 60x the speed of reviewing a normal video.
These are to be accessed only if a candidate's integrity score is below a certain threshold.
The system starts each candidate with an integrity score of 100 and based on candidate's activities on the system and in front of the camera, the score may be deducted. The final score for each candidate is provided in the bulk report and the administrators need to validate the integrity of only the candidates below a certain threshold decided earlier.
The video feed is monitored with Proview's state of the art algorithm which recognizes your face, recognizes objects like mobile phones/tablets etc., The system also warns you if any of the activities you perform could result in your disqualification.
The test administrators could access the videos anytime, not Proview. Additionally, our state-of-the-art double encryption technology ensures that all of your exam data is safe from hacking attempts.
Candidates' videos are to be viewed to confirm any malpractice only in the event of a low candidate integrity score.